Activator Methods

April 1, 2021


March 2021, Dr. Smith is back from Las Vegas where she was taping the advanced Activator tests to teach other chiropractors around the world. She is one of 4 doctors recording this material for international use. Activator Methods is used by approximately 150,000 licensed professionals worldwide - it is the most widely used low force chiropractic technique in the world.Also, Dr. Smith has earned the distinction of being a part of the Clinical Advisory Board for Activator, helping to keep the Activator technique world class and helping other chiropractors keep consistent in the Activator application.

Spring Cleaning

April 15, 2020


Although we’re officially in spring, snow and cold weather reminds us that winter was not that long ago. It might be a bit more difficult to go out for a walk, but I encourage you to continue your indoor walking workouts.


Springtime is the time to deep clean our homes. We’ve been home a lot more for several weeks now, so I’m sure that your house is a model home. If not, take some time to organize your spring cleaning needs. As you go about cleaning the home, I want you to take care of your body while cleaning.

  • Avoid overreaching, while wiping. When possible, move your body in front of your task to help maintain your neutral posture.
  • When lifting, keep the item in front of you. Bend your knees and keep your nose between your toes. Move your feet to place an item to your side. Avoid twisting!   
  •   When vacuuming, mopping, or sweeping dance with it. Again, keep that hand close to your body and move with the vacuum, mop, or broom. This will save your back.

 Springtime is also time to cleanse your body. Now that we’re constantly at home, I invite you to do the Xymogen 6-day cleanse. It’s a good way to clean up our eating habits and reset our desire for healthy foods. Especially when we’re into real comfort foods and clothes right now. You can go to my website click on store and search for the 6 Day Detox Kit.

 Continue to Be Safe and Be Well!

 P.S. I plan to re-open on April 27th based on state guidelines. Of course, all precautions will be made to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Office Happenings 

  • New Patient Orientation classes are held on the first Tuesday of the Month at 6p, and the third Monday of the month at 12:15p. Classes are 45 minutes and they will teach you how to get the most out of your chiropractic journey as well as basic ergonomics and your Power 5 exercises. All are welcome! Just call to reserve your spot.

Upcoming classes are:

  • Monday, March 16that 12:15p
  • Tuesday, April 7that 6p
  • Monday, April 20that 12:15p
  • PainAway low level laser is available for weekly rental. An InfraRed Sauna is available for 20 minutes sessions. It is the perfect compliment to your adjustment. Call for details on both.
  • On Saturday, March 14th, Dr. Smith will help lead the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique Denver Seminar.


We’ve all heard of C.T.E. – Confined Travel Exercise. Spring is fast approaching and many of us will take trips that require long periods of seated travel. If you can, get up and walk hourly. Use this guide to keep your body happy while seated during your travels.



Do these 5 exercises every hour, 3 repetitions each – remember to breathe:

      • Gently press your head back into headrest (or hands if no headrest is available) hold for a count of 3 each time.
      • Shrug shoulders up, back, and down.
      • Pelvic tilt (imagine brining your pubic bone up to your ribs).
      • Gently lift your knee up, 1 at a time.
      • Point and flex each foot, then rotate the foot in both directions.

Remember to get adjusted as soon as you return to re-align your spine after all of the marvelous and different activities you made your body do.

Safe travels!

Be Well

Cold, flu, and COVID19 has brought fear to the masses. How do we fight these bugs? Same as always – get healthy and stay healthy. Eat right, think right, poop right! Eat lean protein and lots of vegetables and fruit. Think good, kind thoughts, and tend to your spiritual needs. Exercise regularly, ideally a 30-minute walk, 5 times per week.  Getting outdoors to walk in the sun exposes you to vitamin D, another immune system booster. Wash your hands frequently. If you cough, cough into the bend of your elbow. If you are sick, stay home and rest. And, chiropractic care has been shown to boost immunity. Stay well adjusted!

The YUCK Season!

With all of the bugs going around this season – what are you going to do to keep yourself and family healthy? Stick with the basics: get plenty of rest, exercise, and avoid sick people. Wash your hands (and being in Colorado we have to moisturize too). Take your 3 basic supplements to keep you well: high quality Omega 3, Vitamin D3 and Probiotics. Talk with Dr. Smith about which brand and type would work best for you. Also, make elderberry tea to soothe your symptoms. Dried elderberries are readily available from your local health food stores.


Needlework Ergonomics

Do you sew, crochet, knit, or do any other needlework that stresses your fingers, arms, shoulders and neck? In a 45 minute class learn how to alleviate some of the issues involved with your passion. We’ll cover why you have pain with your hobby, and how to correct it with chiropractic care. We’ll also practice stretches, and provide helpful ergonomic tips. Call to reserve your space. Monday, February 17, 2020, 12:30p at Prolific Chiropractic.


Wear Red on Feb 7th!!!

National wear Red Day reminds us to know the heart health facts for women. Take charge of your health and that of a friend by recognizing signs and symptoms of heart disease:

  • Uncomfortable or pain in the center of your chest.
  • Other signs such as breaking out in a cold sweet, nausea or lightheadedness.
  • Pain in one or both arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach.
  • Shortness of breath with or without chest discomfort

With any of these symptoms seek immediate medical care – get to a hospital right away! We will take care of your chiropractic needs once your heart health has been determined.

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