Taking the wellness approach means that you’re:

  • taking positive actions to foster lifelong health
  • addressing injuries promptly
  • investigating core conditions that have created nagging aches and pains
  • examining chiropractic care/bodywork in combination with homeopathy/nutrition
  • improving the ergonomics of your workplace and home environment

Maximize Your Quality of Life

Today, many practitioners of modern medicine recognize the value of wellness education for their patients. Chiropractic and homeopathy complement standard medical care, creating a firm foundation for present and future health. A total approach to wellness enlivens the body’s natural healing ability, removes congestion and blockages from the system, and addresses the underlying cause of conditions and diseases. Often, this results in minimizing or eliminating the need for invasive treatments.

Dr. Smith provides a complete program for recovery and sustainability of your wellness goals through a customized Health Acquisition Plan. Along with the key component of chiropractic spinal adjustments, your plan may include homeopathic remedies, nutritional advice, an at-home stretching and exercise series, and support on the development of healthy lifestyle habits.

“With a full-time job and two kids under the age of ten, I wasn’t paying enough attention to my own health. Combining periodic visits to Prolific along with just 15 minutes of stretching at home every day made a world of difference.” —LM

Workplace Wellness Programs and Community Talks

Dr. Smith believes in the empowering value of health education that focuses on optimizing employee health and reducing pain without drugs or surgery. Her workshops have served as a valuable resource for corporate or community wellness programs. Themes include:

SittingSafe® Injury Prevention – As a certified specialist, Dr. Smith provides on-site ergonomic group training and individual evaluations that help prevent office related injuries and pain.

“Back” to Basics Health Care – Encourages participants to review their health priorities and commit to focusing on the key areas of their health that matter the most.

Peak Performance – How to improve and maintain your peak performance at work, home, school, in sports or any area of your life! By optimizing your nervous system, you can optimize your performance.

Common Sense Nutrition – Helps to guide participants in making the right food choices in the midst of their busy lives and despite the many convenient options available.

Super Seniors – Teaches natural methods and strategies to help maintain optimum health and boost well-being well beyond the Golden Years.

New! Keep Calm and Don’t Stress On – Learn the common causes, symptoms and practical strategies to relieve stress without drugs.

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