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Prevention counts. There are many simple, quick steps that you can take to keep yourself well and in balance.

"Celliant is a revolutionary, patented technology that harnesses and recycles the body's natural energy through the medium of fibers. Celliant's applied science utilizes a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients that are embedded into the core of the fiber. Use of products containing this technology has been clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels, improve athletic performance, sleep quality, health and wellness."          -- BioPosture 

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"Unlike an implanted vagus nerve stimulator or other migraine and cluster headache treatments, the gammaCoreTM non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator, otherwise known as nVNS, activates the vagus nerve with gentle electrical stimulation through the skin via the neck. Helping to prevent and relieve headache pain without pills, injections and drug-like side effects." -- gammaCore

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Workplace Wellness Programs and Community Talks

Dr. Smith believes in the empowering value of health education that focuses on optimizing employee health and reducing pain without drugs or surgery. Her workshops have served as a valuable resource for corporate or community wellness programs. Themes include:

SittingSafe® Injury Prevention – As a certified specialist, Dr. Smith provides on-site ergonomic group training and individual evaluations that help prevent office related injuries and pain.

“Back” to Basics Health Care – Encourages participants to review their health priorities and commit to focusing on the key areas of their health that matter the most.

Peak Performance – How to improve and maintain your peak performance at work, home, school, in sports or any area of your life! By optimizing your nervous system, you can optimize your performance.

Common Sense Nutrition – Helps to guide participants in making the right food choices in the midst of their busy lives and despite the many convenient options available.

Super Seniors – Teaches natural methods and strategies to help maintain optimum health and boost well-being well beyond the Golden Years.

New! Keep Calm and Don’t Stress On – Learn the common causes, symptoms and practical strategies to relieve stress without drugs.

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